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Anti-Fouling, Marine Detailing & Propspeed Application Specialists

Located at East Coast Marina, with many years of experience operating and maintaining many different brands of boats and yachts, Pronto Marine Services is the choice for all Brisbane and Gold Coast boat owners. With a qualified skipper leading our team, your vessel is in expert hands for maintenance and detailing. Anti-fouling and exterior or interior detailing has never been easier than with Pronto Marine Services.

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Anti Fouling Gold Coast

Protect your boat or yacht hull from the damaging Gold Coast waterways with our expert Anti-Fouling service. Get better performance and fuel efficiency out of your vessel today.


We will have the interior and exterior of your boat or yacht feeling like brand new! We take care of your vessel and ensure it is treated with care and respect.


We believe Propspeed is the best product on the market to defend against both marine growth and corrosion for all underwater running gear.

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High-Quality Detailing

We know how much pride Gold Coast boat and yacht owners have in their vessels. Our high-quality interior and exterior detailing is second to none, and will keep you ahead of your social competition.

Protect your vessel

Our anti-fouling service will ensure your boat or yacht are kept in peak condition on our Brisbane waterways. As experts in anti-fouling, your vessel is in great hands and will protect all year round.

OUR PARTNERS IN MARINE Maintanence & Detailing

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